Plot near the Danube with old house and BG company

This is a good sized plot on the edge of the village of Debevo, about 10 minutes from Nikopol on the Danube and ferry crossing to Romania and around 20 minutes to Pleven.

There is an old falling down house on the plot, which originally had 4 rooms and a basement room. But the roof has collapsed and the house is beyond being repaired but a new house could be built on the foot-print, with the required permissions.

The views from the rear of the plot are lovely and it is a large village with several shops and small bars.

The photos are from summer 2017 and show exactly what you are getting. The neighbours were all lovely and friendly when we were there clearing the plot and brought us cold water as it was so hot. The mayor of the village came to introduce herself and see us and the local police, being notified there were “strangers” on the property, also came to check all was in order.

Originally and as stated on the notary deed, the plot is just under 3000sqm and there is the house and two barns. However, since the property was put in the company name back in 2008, the municipality decided to change the village boundaries and now 1680 sqm (and one old barn that no longer exists) lie outside the regulated plot. According to the new skitsa supplied by the municipality the actual property now only includes 1320 sqm and as the old house (now falling down) was built right up to the boundary this is no longer “tolerable” and so if and when a new house was built, the foot print would need to be changed slightly and permission sought. None of the barns exist any more so this is not really an issue.







In reality no one is using the rest of the plot and so while you could not build on it and its technically municipality land, it could be used for growing stuff or grazing. There is a procedure to take the matter up with the municipality through a court process if you wished to re-gain ownership of the additional 1680 sqm.

We will be transferring the company to the new owners, with the plot as an asset. The company is over 5 years old, which has some advantages with regard to buying certain grades of agricultural land. All company accounts are up to date and there are no debts or anything. At the moment we are in the process of selling/transferring the other properties held by the company and after that we will be able to affect the transfer to the new owners.

We are looking for offers of around 4000 levs (2000 Euros) to include the company and this plot. The transfer costs are to be born by the buyer and will be around 600 levs.

For 5000 Euros we would throw in the house we have for sale near Ruse as well. A saving of 500 Euros if you buy both and only one lot of legal fees.