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Properties 4 Sale

I started off working in conjunction with a small agency in Stara Zagora to promote a few properties for sale after I had bought one or two rural houses here. From there I moved on to renting an office of my own in Stara Zagora and working in conjunction with 2 or 3 agencies in the area as well as listing properties for sale in other regions of Bulgaria through contacts with other agents. Then as the recession started to take hold and Bulgaria received negative press in the media, no longer the hot spot to buy in, I gave up the office and scaled down the website listings to those from people who had personally contacted me hoping to sell their properties in Bulgaria and those properties I knew personally and had visited.

We are now at a strange time in the property market in Bulgaria. Many people who bought several properties over the last few years are now looking to offload one or two of these, others who renovated an old Bulgaria house into their dream home are trying to sell up and move back to the UK. But on the other hand there are green shoots in the property market with enquiries and sales picking up slightly in the last couple of years and confidence returning to the market in 2012 and 2013. Most sales on the coast in recent years were to Russians but with the troubles with Ukraine and the drop in the value of the Ruble the Russians are not coming in the numbers they were 2 years back. But there is a stronger local sales market than there was previously.

Many are sick of the rat race of the UK, and are looking to move to sunnier climates. Bulgaria offers cheap property and living costs and great weather and countryside. Prices hit rock bottom back in 2009 and have now levelled off at a realistic price. You can sell your Bulgarian property but you need to forget getting back what you paid for it or have spent on it if you bought and renovated before the crash. There are many Brits now selling at very low prices just to be rid of the schackles of owning a property abroad or who wish to return to the UK now the money has run out or they find they cannot make a living here.

I am often contacted by people desperate to just get rid of their Bulgarian property at any price, others looking to move here or own a holiday home or investment property here.

First if you just want rid of your property and are not bothered about the amount you lose, the best idea is to list it for sale cheaply on eBay or classified sites like gumtree. Anything will sell at a price! You will then most likely be left with your Bulgarian company as a company is no longer required to own a house and regulated land here, so the new owner is not really going to want to take on this as well. If you have absolutely no intention of coming back to Bulgaria, owning property here, running a business here etc…..then most people tend to just sell their property and forget about the company. It is highly unlikely the Bulgarian government would hunt you down in the UK (or wherever you are) to fine you for not completing yearly tax returns. Eventually your company is likely to be struck of the national register for accumulated debts.

If your property is along the Southern Black Sea Coast we may be interested to buy it from you, if it is at a heavily discounted price, similarly if the property is in the Pamporovo or Borovets areas or possibly around Stara Zagora or Chirpan and Plovdiv areas. BUT it would need to be a very good price! And sorry heavily discounted does not mean half of what you paid for it back in 2006, that is likely to be around the market value now!

Listed on this site are private property sales by us personally or friends. Sorry we are not agents or a classified site so cannot list any and all property for sale as would be in-undated with requests.