House next door

For a while we had discussed tracking down the owner of the house next door and seeing if they would be interested to sell us their plot. Our barns back on to their barns and we really want to re-roof these and it would be great to have some more outbuildings and also another section to the garden.

So we asked a friend for help writing a note and put it through the gate. We rarely saw anyone at the house, only every now and then attending the garden.

A couple of weeks later our friend phoned to say the owner had made contact and would be interested to know what we would offer for the old house and plot. We asked to view it and see inside and went round a few days later.

The house is a typical old small Bulgarian village house with a central hall and 3 small rooms off it. There is no internal water or kitchen.

Bulgarian house 

The barns will be excellent for additional storage and more dog runs and we have a dream to build a pool in the garden one day.

We had a figure in our head as to what we would be happy to pay and so made an offer at the lower end of this scale. The owner came back with a higher figure and we settled in the middle. She organised the paperwork and a few weeks later we all attended the notary to complete the deal and transfer the house to us. We probably paid more than market value for the house but it is worth it for us to be able to move forward with plans we have for the property.

Plus there will be no-one next door lighting fires in the garden every time I put my washing out!

We love it and are excited to get on with clearing the plot and re-vamping the barns. And creating more play areas for the dogs.