Borovets Ski Home

In September 2016, after nearly a year and half of searching for the right property, we found a house we both loved close to Samokov to use as our winter ski home (and summer visits). We thought it was a reasonable price for the condition and area. It had an enclosed garden which we need for the dogs and was not too over-looked. So we made an offer and it was accepted. It took a while for all the paperwork to be sorted and it was not until December that we took ownership.

It is perfectly liveable in (if a little chilly) but we intend to do a fair amount of renovations on the place over the coming years.

For now we have installed some wood-burners for heating and had the pipe work checked and a few leaks fixed. We have had an issue with the sewerage system (its main sewers) becoming blocked and had to have the high pressure blasting machine out to clear that.

We have now had new PVC windows installed.