My Properties

At one point I had around 12 Bulgarian houses, spread out around various villages in the Stara Zagora region. With hindsight it was not the best idea to sink money into buying all these dilapidated houses, but I got caught up in the excitement, the property market in Bulgaria was booming and the idea had been to buy them cheap, do them up and sell on for a profit.

Of course this did not happen. Plans and circumstances change (I ended up moving over on my own and not with my partner at the time as had been planned), I did not have much of a clue about building or renovating at the time, specially in a foreign country and so was totally ripped off and then the bottom fell out of the market here.

So slowly over the last few years I have been selling off some of these properties, downsizing my property portfolio so we can concentrate on our main home and the couple of Bulgarian houses we own on either side of this.

We have over the years bought a few apartments as well. One of these was purchased when we were working at the coast (Pete, my other half is a musician and used to play in a couple of bars in Sunny Beach) and another as a rental but now we no longer do this, so we have sold the rental studio and the one bed and just kept our small apartment near Sozopol for personal use and for friend’s to use.

In 2016 we were offered various houses “for free” if we paid the outstanding taxes and transfer fees and were were also offered a couple of houses for the charity, to sell and raise much needed funds with. Unfortunately these never came to fruition but we did acquire 6 properties in north Bulgaria, two of which we have now sold, one which we will keep for now and do some work on while we explore the area a bit more and three we have for sale.