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Bulgarian Property Exchange

I have always thought this was a brilliant idea and in today’s economic climate, where it is not easy to sell a property here in Bulgaria and you often have to take a loss, the idea of exchanging your property for another is a good solution.

There are a number of sites that offer international swaps (one country for another), however, this page will just be to allow people to list properties they own in Bulgaria and are interested to swap the property for another in a different part of the country. Maybe you bought a ski apartment and would not like to try the coast, or vice versa. Or maybe you have been living close to a holiday resort and have decided you would like to swap for the peace and quiet of a rural inland village. Or maybe you would like to consolidate various properties you have and swap for one larger or higher value property. Alternatively you may just want to move to a different area of the country.

Basically so long as you have a property in Bulgaria that you are interested to swap for another here in Bulgaria, then get in touch and I will add it to the site. Please make sure you are realistic about the value of your property(s). There is no charge for this although we would be grateful for a donation to the dog charity we run.